Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What I would like to do in 5 years time

What I would like to do in 5 years time???5 years is such a long times.Actually there are many things that we can do in that period of times.Firsly of course I want to finish my study not only in diploma but degree in culinary arts.After that,I want to find a few experience by work at a few hotel.Besides to get experience, I also want to pay back my loan,PTPTN.When my finances are stable,I would like to have my own car that is easily to me to go to work or anywhere.I also want to take my parents travel to any places that they want to go.I will not forget them because they never forget me and always take care of me since I am a baby until now.I want to take care of them forever and ever.After I get all the things that I want,the last things that I would like to do in 5 years time is of course to get married.I know everyone want to get married too.hehe but it is only my long term objective.I dont know is that anyone want to get married with me in 5 years time???hehe

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  1. There are some of your friends who like to get marry in 5 years time. Lalalala. Anyway, wish you best of luck in doing something that you love the most.