Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What I would like to do in 5 years time

What I would like to do in 5 years time???5 years is such a long times.Actually there are many things that we can do in that period of times.Firsly of course I want to finish my study not only in diploma but degree in culinary arts.After that,I want to find a few experience by work at a few hotel.Besides to get experience, I also want to pay back my loan,PTPTN.When my finances are stable,I would like to have my own car that is easily to me to go to work or anywhere.I also want to take my parents travel to any places that they want to go.I will not forget them because they never forget me and always take care of me since I am a baby until now.I want to take care of them forever and ever.After I get all the things that I want,the last things that I would like to do in 5 years time is of course to get married.I know everyone want to get married too.hehe but it is only my long term objective.I dont know is that anyone want to get married with me in 5 years time???hehe

Monday, March 2, 2009

My dream man am sure that everyone have their dream man.As a normal person,I also have my dream man..:-).Who is my dream man?What is the characteristics of my dream man?and Am I like only the rich man???
The first thing that I look on my man is he must be in his good faith in Islam that he can bring me to the'right way' and always care about me.I also dream the man that can be a good leader in mariage.I want the man that that can be 'imam' and praying together with me.Besides that,the man must good in solve any problems.He also can be with me whenever i'm happy or feeling down.
The characteristics of my dream man is he must be tall than me because I can feel save when walking with him and he also must be brave to protect me anytime and anywhere we are.hehe.I do not dream to have the handsome man but I dream to have the good looking man.
Am I looking only a rich man? never dream a man that that can give me money but I dream a knowledgeable man that he can give me and our kids soon knowledges.

I didn't ever think I would find someone like you,
You're so nice, so caring, so loving and true,
Whenever you're near I feel happy and safe,
Even when sad you sneak a smile on my face,
I love how you tell me how much I mean to you,
You're filled with warmth and kindness,
You can tell by the things that you do,
I love how you walk me to class everyday,
It shows that you care for me in every possible way,
There are so many things that I could say to you,
About the way that you are and the things that you do,
There's nothing negative to think about you,
You're so loving and perfect, so gorgeous and true,
I love the way that you smile, the way that you walk,
Your caring compassion and the way that you talk,
But the thing that I love most about you is the way that you're there for me every bit of the day,
Even when we're not together for all of the way,
I hope this explains the way that I feel,
You're the only guy in this world that makes love feel real,
There is no one else that I want to be with,
You are my dream guy and this is this.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened To My Life..

What is the best thing that has ever happend in your life? I believe that everyone has their own experiences. But, how about me? I also have my own experience. So, the best thing that has ever happend in my life is when I got my youngest brother.
I really love baby and I feel very happy when my father told me that my mother was pregnant. I hope that our new member of the family will be a girl because I want 'She' will be my partner because I am only the girl in my siblings.
9 months later, our new member was coming. I am really wxcited and happy to heard that my mother was giving birth. But, I felt upset because he is a boy. Anyway I still love him. He is very cute and chubby. His weight is 3.8. When his age is one year old, my mother continued her study and I am responsible to look after of him. Then, I realize brother or sister are just the same.
I love him very much and that is the best thing that has ever happened in my life.

Friday, February 13, 2009

My pic

It's me ;-)

Friday, February 6, 2009

What I Would Like To Change About Myself

Everyone has their own resolutions.I also have a few resolutions in this year.I would like to change a few things about myself.
Firsly, I want to get back my previous body weight.My body weight in 2007 is 48 but now it become 51.So, I have decided that I should do more exercises to get back my previous body weight and figure.Bwsides that I also must control my diet.
Secondly,I want to change my perception.I always have negative thinking about myself and about everythings.I never satisfy with all the works I had done.Besides that I relize that I had lack of confident.I'm always nervous and shakey when I stand in front of people.So,I have decided to be more positive and optimistic.I can join the campus theater or debate to increase my confident level.
The last thing that I would like to change myself is my bad habit I can't sleep wihout my 'bantal'. I had used the pillow since I'm seven years old. But now I realise that I'm not in seven anymore but I'm nineteen already. So I shoould left the 'bantal' for ever and ever.Huhuhu :-(

Saturday, January 31, 2009

How I Spend My Holiday

It was holiday time...YAHOO!!.There was one thing in my mind.I just want to met my lovely family.Ocne I reached home,my father told me that we will go to Cameron Highland.Iwas very surprise and exited.I never though that my father will brought us to vacation.
The main thing playing in my mind once I reached there was I want to eat a lot of strawberries and when i reached there,my father bought a lot of strawberries to us.We were very lucky because there were night market just a stone throw from our hotel.At night,we were going to the night market.There were many people and tourist there.We bought a lot of food.We were realy tired and slept early.
Second day at Cameron Hihgland my father brought us to MARDI.MARDI was the place that we can saw the strawbery farm and also tea farm.Besides that,there were also many types of vegetables such as asparagus,brocolly and cabbage.I was very interested when i saw there were many types of flower there.
Cameron Highland was the right place to any stressed people because the place is far from the hustle bustle of the concrite jungle.So,let's go to Cameron Higland.

Monday, January 5, 2009

My Experience Being a UiTMT Students for One Semester

Everyone have their own experiences when they go to the new places.I also have my own experiences when I step in the UiTMT.I have nobody here and my first friends I met were my roomates.

During the orientation week or MMS(minggu mesra siswa),I got more friends and I learned experienced culture shock but I was thankful to god because I still can think and control myself to be a good student because I did not want to make my parents dissapointed on me

When the first class had started,i realized that the ways of study in university were different from school.In university,we must make a study group which we can share and changes ideas from others.Besides that,I also can gain my knowledge.Soon after,I can get use to the surrounding and university life.