Friday, February 6, 2009

What I Would Like To Change About Myself

Everyone has their own resolutions.I also have a few resolutions in this year.I would like to change a few things about myself.
Firsly, I want to get back my previous body weight.My body weight in 2007 is 48 but now it become 51.So, I have decided that I should do more exercises to get back my previous body weight and figure.Bwsides that I also must control my diet.
Secondly,I want to change my perception.I always have negative thinking about myself and about everythings.I never satisfy with all the works I had done.Besides that I relize that I had lack of confident.I'm always nervous and shakey when I stand in front of people.So,I have decided to be more positive and optimistic.I can join the campus theater or debate to increase my confident level.
The last thing that I would like to change myself is my bad habit I can't sleep wihout my 'bantal'. I had used the pillow since I'm seven years old. But now I realise that I'm not in seven anymore but I'm nineteen already. So I shoould left the 'bantal' for ever and ever.Huhuhu :-(

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  1. As long as you have a noraml BMI, you shouldn't have to worry much. Just maintain your weight by eating healthily and do regular exercise. Then, you'll be ok!